My guest post on Six Until Me

I’ve mentioned before that I was lucky enough to meet the awesome Kerri Sparling (and her awesome husband) when they came to Melbourne for the Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit. During this event, the following occurred:

  • A lot of coffee was consumed. It’s what we do in Melbourne.
  • Upon prompting from some cheeky Australians with a penchant for Australian rhyming slang, Kerri asked the waiters for dead horse for her burger; and
  • I made the call to finally start writing a blog.

Since that event, Kerri asked me to write a guest post for Six Until Me about why I decided to start my blog and the rise and rise of the diabetes online community in Australia. So I did. Who wouldn’t?

The blog post can be found on Kerri’s blog, which I’m super stoked about.

Sincere thanks go to Kerri for allowing me to provide a guest blog post for her blog. As a genuine rookie in this blogging business, the invitation was greatly appreciated. I’m also looking forward to “dead horse” becoming part of the Rhode Island vernacular.


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