Page 102

My humble little blog has been mentioned on page 102 in the recent edition of Diabetic Living magazine (the edition with the awesome looking beef nachos on the cover, not to mention the fig sandwich on page 39. Figs win at life. Note to self: buy figs).


Page 102!

The article highlights the supportive and welcoming nature of the diabetes online community, and showcases stuff from Renza, Ashley & Brent, with additional mentions of blogs by Jo, Georgie and Kim.

As Renza so rightly points out in her post about this article, Diabetic Living sent a staff member to the Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit in late 2013. This provided an insight into how the magazine sources articles, the delicate balancing act to have content that sparks the interest of people living with type 1 and type 2 across all age groups and also how they use their Facebook page in between magazine editions.

I won’t say too much more except that it’s a super yarn and I think it’s brilliant that the magazine chose to focus on a rather new and emerging issue in terms of the use of social media by people living with diabetes in Australia. I would encourage Diabetic Living to make social media a regular part of their content, because it’s evident that there is a growing market for it.

Oh, and when I wrote this blog this morning over breakfast, I forgot to bolus for my eggs on toast. A crappy 14.8 upon arriving at work. D’oh!


Damn you, forgetfulness.