The search for the OneTouch Delica in Australia…

Like many people living with type 1 diabetes, I am always looking for ways that will make the daily routine that tiny bit easier. Even if it is only by 0.5%. That 0.5% is better than 0.0%. A cure is probably some time away, so in the meantime, I just keep an eye out for stuff that will make each day easier than the one before. A football coach would call this “playing to the percentages and improving at the margins”.

In this particular blog post, I’m focusing on the fun of finger-pricking, which I do 10+ times a day, 70+ times a week, equating to approximately 3,700 times a year. Sure, life with the Accu-Chek Multiclix is okay, but could it be better? Even 0.5% better?

I first read about the OneTouch Delica on Six Until Me. Then I saw something on Diabetes Mine. And then on Don’t Fear Diabetes. And then on Broken Pancreas. And then on A Consequence of Hypoglycemia. I could go on – but the moral of the story, aside from the fact that I read a heap of diabetes blogs, is that A LOT of bloggers are using the OneTouch Delica lancing device.

Awesome, I thought. An alternative! I like options.

So I looked into it, only to learn that I couldn’t get a OneTouch Delica lancing device (or lancets) in Australia. OneTouch themselves, via twitter explained that the OneTouch Delica is not available in Australia, and it seems you can’t even order one via Amazon or eBay because of shipping regulations. In fact, Amazon gives me a nice little message saying “there is a slight problem with your order”. I’m not sure slight is the right term for complex importing requirements and international shipping regulations surrounding health product, but thanks Amazon.

Indeed, I can’t help but think Newman from Seinfeld has something to do with this. After all, “when you control the mail, you control information”.

In many ways, this is admittedly, a First World Problem, or FWP. But it’s a curious one. Surely it isn’t too hard to include the Delica with the OneTouch Verio IQ, which would give OneTouch not only a broader market share in terms of meters, but in terms of lancing devices as well.

I am a long-time user of Accu-Chek lancing devices, particular the Multiclix. But I don’t love it, and interested in alternatives that might do a better job. When I go to look for alternatives, there are, essentially, none. Add to that the fact that the Delica is not a new device – it has been around since 2010 – and it paints a strange picture of some things reaching Australian shores early, like the Medtronic Paradigm Veo, but some things not reaching our shores at all, like the OneTouch Delica…

Anyway, I’m off to hunt down the next 0.5% improvement.


3 thoughts on “The search for the OneTouch Delica in Australia…

  1. Thanks Matty. Love that you’re keeping us up to date, and hopefully it will encourage these companies to make their products available in Australia. Although a relatively small market, we’re still a market!!!

  2. I’ve used the Delica and I’ve used the Accu-Chek Fastclix and I must say that the Fastclix is a thousand times better than the Delica. It hurts less, the needles don’t bend when you look at them, and it takes less time and effort to change a rum of six than it does to change a lancet of one. Also, I find the Fastclix “hurts” less.

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