Jelly Baby Month Badges


I don’t seem to get involved in JDRF Australia activities as much as I would like to, or perhaps as much as I should. However, I still appreciate the role they play in raising awareness about type 1 diabetes, funding research and in particular, supporting parents of newly diagnosed kids.

I was a 10 years old at diagnosis, and still recall the stress my parents went through for the first couple of years in coming to terms with what type 1 diabetes actually meant – not just for me, but for them as well.

I’m not sure if there will be a cure in my lifetime, but I hope there is one for the future kids that are diagnosed with type 1. As a result, I’ve purchased a Jelly Baby Month badge, and will be wearing it proudly throughout May.


One thought on “Jelly Baby Month Badges

  1. Good on you, Matty! I buy something every year; my collection is huge 🙂 I still carry around one of Mum’s JDRF keyrings… perhaps as a gentle reminder, as you say?

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