Things not to do…

…do a set change with 0.725 of an insulin unit of left.

On the upside, just in time!


DBlog Week – Day 4 | Accomplishments Big and Small

Day 4: So today let’s share the greatest accomplishment you’ve made in terms of dealing with your (or your loved one’s) diabetes

A bit stretched for time today so thought I’d go with a brief rundown of my past 12 or so months with diabetes. A very big 12 months, in hindsight. Who doesn’t love dot points?

  • New pump
  • New BG meter
  • Started my blog blog
  • Gave CGM a whirl
  • Finally bought a Medic-Alert bracelet
  • Enhanced appreciation for the Diabetes Online Community and its awesomeness
  • Increased involvement in the Type 1 Diabetes Network
  • Attended the Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit
  • Met Kerri and admitted my coffee addiction, which is, I presume, which she let me guest post on her blog
  • Had a feed at “Simon’s Big Day Out”
  • Received a slightly lower HbA1c, and my eyes are good!
  • And I suppose you could include involvement in the 4th Diabetes Blog Week!

    All of this informs my approach to diabetes; a continual learning process. A journey, not a destination and all that!

    Oh, and I also found a cat in Daylesford that seems to like and/or want my coffee!


    DBlog Week – Day 2 | We, The Undersigned.

    Firstly, sorry I missed Day 1! Alas, on to Day 2 and We, The Undersigned.

    Recently various petitions have been circulating the Diabetes Online Community, so today let’s pretend to write our own. Tell us who you would write the petition to – a person, an organization, even an object (animate or inanimate) – get creative!! What are you trying to change and what have you experienced that makes you want this change?

    Dear Australia,

    You have been a leader in supporting people with type 1 diabetes for some time. I am indeed grateful for the National Diabetes Service Scheme providing subsidised testing strips and insulin pump supplies, the Medicate Rebates aligned with Diabetes Care Plans and that my Private Health Insurance covered the costs of my insulin pump.

    These are great thing, and for the most part Australia has kept up with emerging trends for supporting people with less than cooperative pancreases.

    But there is always more to do. And it is easy to fall behind.

    Access to insulin pumps needs to be expanded further, private health insurers need to make life easier for people going through this process (the Type 1 Diabetes Network recently met with the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman about this), and there is still a lack of understanding about diabetes both within the community and the broader government decision making processes, as demonstrated by the issues associated with the Driving and Diabetes issue that caught public attention last year.

    Technology continues to improve too, and I think Continous Glucose Monitor Systems are a game changer. Access to these devices is extraordinarily expensive for just about anyone, there is an opportunity for the Government to broaden this access (ironic, given it’s Federal Budget day). This would be a bold move, but the right one.

    So my We, The Undersigned is to remind Australia to continue supporting the diabetes community. A cure might happen, but it might not. Equally, if you stand still, you are going backwards. I don’t want Australia to stand still.

    Whilst the total number of people with type 1 diabetes is moderately low, the number of new cases each day is glaring. I want people diagnosed today and in ten, twenty years from now to have a great opportunity to manage their diabetes, with access to the very best in technology.

    Complacency is the enemy of progress – Dave Stutman

    A voter with Diabetes.

    Dental check-up

    This morning I received the all clear at my six-monthly dental check-up.

    I am never quite sure how these appointments are going to go, but I am pretty diligent at making sure I attend them. I suppose it is because I am never sure what impact the jelly babies I scoff down at 3am for a bad hypo have on my teeth.
    Fortunately, all is good. So of course, it was celebratory coffee o’clock.