DBlog Week – Day 4 | Accomplishments Big and Small

Day 4: So today let’s share the greatest accomplishment you’ve made in terms of dealing with your (or your loved one’s) diabetes

A bit stretched for time today so thought I’d go with a brief rundown of my past 12 or so months with diabetes. A very big 12 months, in hindsight. Who doesn’t love dot points?

  • New pump
  • New BG meter
  • Started my blog blog
  • Gave CGM a whirl
  • Finally bought a Medic-Alert bracelet
  • Enhanced appreciation for the Diabetes Online Community and its awesomeness
  • Increased involvement in the Type 1 Diabetes Network
  • Attended the Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit
  • Met Kerri and admitted my coffee addiction, which is, I presume, which she let me guest post on her blog
  • Had a feed at “Simon’s Big Day Out”
  • Received a slightly lower HbA1c, and my eyes are good!
  • And I suppose you could include involvement in the 4th Diabetes Blog Week!

    All of this informs my approach to diabetes; a continual learning process. A journey, not a destination and all that!

    Oh, and I also found a cat in Daylesford that seems to like and/or want my coffee!



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