A new home for the Verio IQ

Like most folk with less than cooperative pancreases, I try to carry my blood glucose meter with me wherever I go (except that day I forgot last week).

I also hate the black cases that have come with every meter I’ve owned. Boring, bland and often MASSIVE.

It seems the options have grown in the case market, but rarely have I found something suitable. So I’ve been searching for options.

Then I found Chris’ post over at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia where he was using a Moleskine case for his iBGstar and associated supplies.

Well, after some searching around online, I found a few on Amazon that could be shipped to Australia and have been using it since. Goodbye, boring OneTouch case.

Anyway, the Verio IQ, strips and a Accu-Chek softclix just fits, and its all about the positioning. If you don’t do it as shown in the photo, it just doesn’t quite fit perfectly.

Note that Chris carries a spare vial for used test strips, but I don’t quite have the room, so I put them in the little pocket on the left hand side.








9 thoughts on “A new home for the Verio IQ

    • Indeed. Took me a while to get the positioning of it all sitting in the case properly, but it’s working.

      Very remiss of me not to say thanks for the heads up in my initial post too. Thanks mate!

  1. Ugh! So right! Those black cases are such a drag, especially when you’re a kid. They only upside is that maybe they hide blood stains?!?! Like you I ditched the black and mines now fluro pink. I’m convinced it makes testing that little bit better.

  2. I have been looking at these cases too since you posted about them not long ago Matt so thank you both(Chris & Matt). I have held off on ordering one trying to find a distributor here in Melbourne so I could get an idea of the actual size and how items would fit so thanks for the photos showing the VerioIQ in the case, VERY helpful……..off to ebay now for a belated birthday present to myself.

    • Could almost fit in the pockets. It’s a little too thick to fit in a pants pocket, but is pretty easy to carry around in a jacket etc. It’s definitely an upgrade at least!

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