Celebratory Diet Coke

I don’t normally need a reason to buy a drink with caffeine in it, but late yesterday afternoon, I bought myself a celebratory Diet Coke.


I had just left my endo appointment with the news of my lowest HbA1c since ~2007/08. I’ll keep the number to myself, but I’m happy. Somewhat surprised and slightly relieved, but happy.

My HbA1c pre-insulin pump was not too bad by any stretch, but I always wanted to get it lower. Don’t get me wrong – I know the HbA1c is not everything, and there are a number of other factors to consider when evaluating my overall wellbeing and quality of life. But is important indicator of how things are travelling, and for the moment, at least, I feel like they are travelling okay!

Are things perfect? Of course not. Diabetes doesn’t do perfect, does it?

But I can say with absolute confidence that my insulin pump, despite not being able to play Tetris, has facilitated a noticeable HbA1c improvement, and that is worth celebrating!  

Thank you, insulin pump.



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