No D-Day…er…month..ish…

So the other day it was “No-D Day”, a concept coined by George Simmons – a day where diabetes bloggers are encouraged to try and NOT mention diabetes online, all day. I really like this idea because I think it can be quite easy to talk/read/think about diabetes so much that it becomes a bit overwhelming and all-encompassing.

But I feel like I have been in more of No-D Month lately.

Don’t get me wrong, my overall management has been okay. Testing regularly, readings fine, doing set changes when I should – all of that. However I’m in one of those patches where I haven’t had any diabetes appointments lately, I’ve slacked off reading diabetes blogs and slacked off on posting. Work has been hectic; I’ve invested a lot of time and emotional energy watching the mighty Hawthorn Hawks win the AFL premiership and the Box Hill Hawks win the VFL premiership; and also been busy with some post-graduate study I commenced mid-year. As a result, I feel like I’ve been struggling to allocate time and headspace to blogging, or even reading and thinking about diabetes as much as I would like!

So to get back into it, my thoughts on a few things:

  • I spent the weekend here in Melbourne with the rest of the Type 1 Diabetes Network for the annual-ish planning weekend. As a volunteer organisation, it’s obviously important to determine where time and energy is spent, and I think a lot of progress was made – the new website in particular has great potential. It was also great to hang out with other people with type 1. It happens a lot online, but it’s a different experience in person, despite the insulin pump beep confusion. It was also good to fill the group in on the Diabetes Australia Young Leaders Program. It’s an important time for the Type 1 Diabetes Network and they are seeking additional volunteers to support the ongoing operations of the network. If you’d like to volunteer, email
  • The Liberal/National Party obviously won the Federal Election, which means there will be a National Diabetes Strategy (I never heard back from my local Labor candidate, by the way). What will this mean in actuality? Who really knows. But it’s an opportunity to get commitments from the Government around the future of diabetes. I’m hoping Diabetes Australia in particular can capitalise on their previous advocacy efforts in order to achieve some wins for people living with Type 1. CGMS technology should be very high on this list.

Aside from that, World Diabetes Day is just around the corner (What – already? Time flies!) and the World Diabetes Congress isn’t too far away either. More on those later.

Until next time,



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