Exercise and the #BigBlueTest

I actually like exercise. Actually I really like it. 

But I’ve slacked off recently. I gave up my gym membership about a year and a half ago, because I was bored with it and stopped going. I used to go a number of times a week, but eventually it started to “get in the way”, which is when I knew I wasn’t enjoying it. I also used to play squash about once a fortnight, but life has got in the way. So beyond walking the dog, I’ve felt a bit exercise-less. 

At the same time, I’ve seen discussions about the #BigBlueTest all over my twitter feed. Which got me thinking – what is stopping me from getting out there? Well, my favourite form of exercise generally includes some form of sporting activity – shooting a basketball; kicking a footy around (and by that, I mean a Sherrin – see photo below!); kicking a soccer ball around or playing a bit of tennis/squash.




So yesterday it was a lovely day in Melbourne so I decided to try and get back on track. I had a look around the house, and all I had was a flat basketball hiding in the far corner under the stairs. Off to the sports store to buy a pump, and I walked out with a soccer ball and a new shiny footy (Sherrin!), before heading to the local basketball court and then soccer net. Within about 25 minutes, my BGL had dropped from 14.9 to 9.4, and then sat at about 5 or 6 for the rest of the day. So I tweeted about it using the #BigBlueTest hash tag, and now blogging about it as a reminder to myself that it’s not that hard! 


Did the #BigBlueTest get me up and active? Well, partially. It was a motivator, and it got me thinking about my exercise habits of late and how I could easily get back into the swing of it. I know from past experience that it does make a real difference to my BGLs but also my overall health. Hell – it’s good to be outside of the office or the house. 

So what’s next? Squash on Wednesday, hopefully. 

Note: Any overseas folk coming to WDC2013 – I’m happy to teach you how to kick a Sherrin. I’m sure Simon will assist. 


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