The great hypo hangover of World Diabetes Congress 2013 – Day 1/2

Last night, after the first proper day of the World Diabetes Congress in my beloved hometown of Melbourne, this hypo happened.


As you can see, I was low and asleep for about an hour without waking, which was slightly scary.

I normally wake up very easily for overnight hypos, but you can seen by that graph (I have the Dexcom on loan from my diabetes educator and last night just reaffirmed the importance of CGM tech, even if it took a while for me to respond) it took me some time to wake up to the Dexcom yelling at me that I was low. And really low – the finger prick check registered 2.5.

I’m very rarely 2.5.

What caused it? I can only assume it was due to a hectic day which went as follows:

  • Woke up at 5am
  • Left home at 6am
  • Got to Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre at 7am
  • Set-up the Type 1 Diabetes Network exhibition stall
  • Essentially was on the stall all day with some other T1DN folk
  • Ran to my car, got changed into my suit and jumped on two trams to get to the showcase work function of the year (massive blood sugar rise during this function, presumably a bit of stress!)
  • Had a chat to some people at the function
  • Got back out onto the streets of Melbourne and ran across the Southbank foot bridge to get to the #OzDoc meet-up and live in-person yet online tweet chat
  • Got a beer
  • Met some new folk from Oz, but also some from Nigeria, Germany and the UK
  • Had a late night coffee
  • Got home at 12.30pm
  • I’ve spent the second day of WDC 2013 with a huge hypo hangover that is only now subsiding.

    But it’s been a great two days already. The Type 1 Diabetes Network launched a new website that acts as the culmination of a lot of hard work some some dedicated volunteers. In particular, this includes the rewritten and redesigned Starter Kit for people newly diagnosed with type 1. An older version of the Starter Kit was something that made me feel more comfortable about my diabetes, so I was pleased and proud to see the new version out there for the public, and I hope it has the same impact for others.

    The #OzDOC twitter chat was brilliant as well. Whilst I was slightly distracted after a huge day, it was great to walk into a room of people – some familiar faces and some new ones – all talking about their experiences with diabetes, regardless of type 1 or type 2. It’s one thing talking to people online. It’s even more fun chatting in person trying to solve all the world’s problems and talk about how Australia is going to win the cricket.

    So much to see, so many sessions to attend and so many people to talk to at this conference. In fact, it’s slightly overwhelming to sit in some sessions with about 20 other people with diabetes that I would consider friends, given I barely knew another person with diabetes until a few years ago!

    Hoping fora better nights sleep tonight. Meanwhile, some photos from the Type 1 Diabetes Network stall below:




    Disclaimer: I funded my attendance for Day 1 of the Congress, however I was also there as a representative of the Type 1 Diabetes Network. I am attending days 2 and 3 of the Congress as part of the Diabetes Australia Young Leaders Program.


    One thought on “The great hypo hangover of World Diabetes Congress 2013 – Day 1/2

    1. Scary news about the hypo! On the plus side “the type 1 starter kit for adults” is a great idea, we could have done with it 2 years ago. I am excited for all the changes and ideas that are around at the moment. Its fantastic that you were able to be part of this awesome event.

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