Dexcom – trial two.

Today I pulled off the Dexcom sensor that I had on loan from my educator. Although it lasted 23 days, much longer than the recommended wear time, my skin looks entirely fine. Like last time, it stayed on with the help of plenty of Opsite. Probably even better than last time.

As seen on with the photo below, the Dexcom had no signs of losing accuracy. This photo was yesterday afternoon.

I took it off mostly to get it back to my educator before Christmas, so I do wonder how much longer it would last. A sensor lasting for a month or so almost makes it affordable enough to do on a more I going basis. Almost.

Whilst the Dexcom provides a brilliant complement to finger prick checks and so forth, wearing both a pump and a Dexcom can be a bit draining. I’m thinking of having a day off the pump tomorrow, just to freshen up a bit. It will be my first since getting the pump.
Should be interesting!


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