Wordless Wednesday




Dodgy infusion sets and Melbourne weather

Today has been good fun. Well…not really. 

Here’s a bit of a rundown.

Last night

  • 9pm – 4.4
    • All good.
  • 11pm – 11.7
    • Bit high – not sure why. Correct and bed.
  • 2am – 21.4
    • Woke up feeling like death warmed up. Strange. Very rarely do I hit the magic two-zero. I had been at a work function during the afternoon and then went out for a pub meal with friends after work, so I thought perhaps the food had taken a while to kick in, but it really didn’t make sense and I was confident of my dosing. Still, it was 2am so I wasn’t thinking too straight and just did a correction bolus, had a few (thousand) glasses of water and tried to get back to sleep. 


  • 7am – 14.0
    • Normally my correction boluses are pretty spot on, so I was surprised that it hadn’t come down more. I still felt a bit average, but I figured (wrongly) that it would all come down in the process of time. So off I went to work.
  • 9am – 14.1
    • Uh oh. Started to worry now. I skipped breakfast this morning too, so that can’t be it. Maybe it’s the heat? Let’s correct again and see what happens (hindsight makes me wonder what on earth I was thinking). 
  • 11am – 18.0
    • Oh crap. Maybe I should look at my pump site…..Idiot! It was basically falling completely out. When was the last time I’ve actually received any insulin properly? I’m sure it was okay this morning….wasn’t it? Maybe it wasn’t! Fortunately, I always have a spare pen of Novorapid with me. Pulled that out of my bag and did a correction bolus.
  • 12pm – 15.3
    • GAH! Still high. The pen of Novorapid did have a massive air bubble in it – potentially a result of the crazy heat that Melbourne has been experiencing? After doing some testing and investigating, I came to the conclusion that the pen was sort of working, but not really. The air bubble did seem to affect the actual flow and pressure of the insulin delivery and as a result I’m not sure how much insulin was actually coming out. Long story short, I thought I definitely couldn’t trust the insulin pen. But I had heaps to do at work and really couldn’t afford to go home. Fortunately, I normally keep a few spare infusion sets around my desk for when these situations arise. Cue furious searching around. Success! I found an infusion set in one of my drawers. Sure, it might be the 80cm mio instead of the 60cm that I prefer, but it was an infusion set! A sneaky set change at my desk and voilà. Crisis averted. 
  • 1pm – 12.7
    • [Down down, BSL’s are going down. I wanted to be a bit careful though, so avoided lunch until I knew I was in safer territory].
  • 2pm – 8.8
    • Under 10! Finally, I felt safe to eat lunch, which incidentally was my first meal for 20 hours. I was pretty hungry.
  • 3.30pm – 7.8
    • Under 8!
  • 4.30pm – 5.2
    • Mission accomplished. 

Lesson 1 – Act on instinct at 2am when my BSL was 21, not fall back to sleep!
Lesson 2 – Check infusion set in morning. Properly. 
Lesson 3 – Check backup Novorapid pens more regularly. 
Lesson 4 – Restock back up infusion sets. ASAP. 

Anyway, in normal circumstances I would have sorted myself out when my BSL was 21. I blame the Melbourne weather and my relatively terrible sleep over the past few nights. Three straight days over weather over 40 degrees celcius cannot be good for the brain and general thought processing about diabetes stuff

Some examples of Melbourne below: