It’s been a while since I’ve put a blog post together. I’ve been busy with work and wedding planning, and I have been a bit absent from the world of diabetes. For instance, I’ve missed a number of #OzDoc weekly chats because I keep forgetting it’s on!

Anyway, I’ve decided to do FebFast. No, not FebFast Caffeine or FebFast Digital – I don’t think I could manage those. I’m going to be doing FebFast Alcohol.

This means I’m going to be taking a 28 day break from alcohol. As they say on their website, it can be easy to “feel a little sluggish after a big Christmas, New Year summer holiday or Australia Day”, and that describes me. I’m in a stage where I’m trying to both save money (more needed for the house, planning a wedding and travel plans) and improve my fitness (I’m about ~10kgs over my ideal playing weight).

These days, I’m not a huge drinker. I do like a beer, especially for the taste, but I generally only drink at functions or sports events. On the odd ocassion I will have a big night, but not often. Very rarely would I have a drink at home without having some particular reason for doing so. Still, February contains a friend’s 30th, a few sporting events and a few other occassions where I would ordinarily have a beer or two.

What does this mean for my diabetes?

Well, the FebFast mantra is “a pause for the better”. I think this applies to how alcohol and diabetes sit together.

I like to tell myself that alcohol doesn’t have an effect on my diabetes. But in all honesty, it does. Of course it’s possible to drink with diabetes, but it does impact on my BGL’s – sometimes unpredictably. Big highs, crashing lows, temp basals, more temp basals.

A pause for the better means putting the position of alcohol into perspective. February will demonstrate the impact that alcohol often has on my BGL’s, diabetes management and life more broadly. To counter the absense of alcohol, I am also trying to include more exercise into my routine. Yesterday I shot the basketball for a good 45 minutes. Today I’m going to walk Cody the super dog around the lake. Tomorrow – something else.

So, cheers to February. A month of no alcohol and more exercise.


2 thoughts on “FebFast

  1. These 40 degree days in Melbourne are exhausting.. Have you thought of alternative drinks to get you by? I was going to suggest a cold non alcoholic cider , I dont drink it and I find it to sweet. We have been searching for “whole” fruit juices as they are much lower in sugars and have a lower GI index. We have found Australian orange juice with the pulp still in it from that German store ALDI, its surprisingly not too high in carbs. If you can find them in your store “Wild About Fruit” is local and has an excellent range.
    You cant beat iced water on a hot day. Good luck with your challenge.

    • Thanks Liliana and thanks kindly for the donation. Certainly greatly appreciated!

      I’m hoping to get by on water, coffee and diet coke. I’m in a similar boat to you with cider – I find it too sweet and don’t really enjoy the flavour of it.

      I have an Aldi near me, so I might need to check out that juice. Will report back!



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