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Things to get rid of…

Whilst I haven’t been blogging all that much recently, I’ve developed a bit of an interest in productivity and time management – in particular, the Getting Things Done methodology. I have by no means perfected it, but I’m making progress.

Through this, I came across an article 37 Things In Your Home To Get Rid Of Right Now. I’m certainly guilty of things found in the list like office supplies you never use (I quite like stationary), plastic storage containers without lids and plastic grocery bags in the cupboard. I think I counted that I am guilty of 16 of the 37 in that list. 

I also realised that it is quite easy to accumulate a wide range of diabetes stuff and had a think about all the pointless diabetes things I have floating around my house/car/work. This is compiled into a David Letterman style top-10 list below: 

  1. Sample packets of lancets for unused lancing devices that came with meters
  2. Black cases for BGL meters, dating back to about 1997. Why do I never throw these away?
  3. Unfilled log books that don’t serve a purpose now due to Carelink. My endo used to give me a new log book for each visit and I seems to have stockpiled them over the years. 
  4. Dead batteries from meters/pump.
  5. Full sharps containers. 
  6. Old dietary advice from diagnosis – think photocopied pieces of paper and handwritten notes from the late 90’s.
  7. Test strips. Everywhere. 
  8. Meters that no longer work – I’ve got some really old Accu-chek meters that are completely broken. They serve no purpose, yet I still keep them. 
  9. Business cards of health care professionals with appointments dated on them from a long time ago. 
  10. Old software that never quite worked for me. Accu-Chek 360 was decent software, but that adapter cable was a nightmare. There were others too.

I’m sure there are more. What diabetes things do you have around the place that you should really get rid of?