De-cluttering diabetes – meter cases

So I haven’t posted for a while. As mentioned before, I am pretty busy with work, study and planning a wedding.

A few weeks ago, I got a new OneTouch Verio IQ (still my favourite meter) because my old Verio IQ just decided to stop working. With the meter, of course came a black case to store the meter.

photo 3

There are a number of good reads about of the lack of quality meter cases, especially those that come with the product. They are often boring, girly to men. and not suited to the practicalities of diabetes.

It’s hard to find a good case for blood glucose meters, and it is even harder to find a good case for guys to carry around. I am still using a Moleskin Case, but it’s not perfect. If anyone knows of a great diabetes meter case for men, let me know!

Anyway, the case that I got with my new Verio IQ? I threw it out.

Tonight I had a look at my diabetes shelf in the storage (miscellaneous) cupboard at home. I found NINE black meter cases that have been accumulated over the years. Verio. Verio IQ. iBG Star. Optium. Some Accu-Chek meter that I can’t remember the name of.

photo 2

photo 1


Time to stop hoarding. I am going to get rid of these diabetes cases that have sat unused for years. I feel bad just throwing these out. It feels wasteful, but a quick google search suggests that these do not fit the bill for what can be donated to diabetes charities!

Next on the list for de-cluttering diabetes – full sharps containers and old lancing devices.


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